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Welcome to Fishead Studio.network
Fishead Studio began in 2000 as the online portfolio of artist Steve Houk, but has evolved into more of a networking hub for creative talent. A consortium of creative minds, with experience in nearly every imaginable aspect of art and design. Web design and product development prototypes are the primary focus of Steve Houk and Fishead Studio on a service level, however we also do much more... Collectively, we represent a very wide field of experience and expertise. From commissioned works, to high-tech rapid prototypes. Bottom line, we are extremely skilled and creative problem-solver's in all of our respective fields. Emphasis should be made that these claims are put forth to further networking connections on a referral basis. We are not a talent agency, and do not act as artist representatives or agents.
If you need a solution to a creative problem, just ask. We may have a perfect match for you.

Founded by a talented artist with a penchant for things fish, and a knack for connecting with other talented people. Fishead Studio is about combining a little technology with allot of creativity. Highly skilled artists, and brilliant creatives that develop dynamic, functional, great looking web sites, various virtual and 3D forms, and illustration/design for print and other forms of media.

Soon to launch... Fishart.com a new site deticated to the display and sale of artists works with subject matter centered on "Fish" and marine life. It will showcase original works and prints for sale. Bronze sculpture and other highly artistic and unique items. Among the features planned you will find: monthly artist showcases, individual gallery wings, calendar/blogs of show events and forums. For information, contact- NewFishArt@FisheadStudio.net

We will soon be launching a newer FisheadStudio V.2 Flash site, and our "Talent Pool" pages, showcasing art, design, photography, music, bio's and more from the network of creative talent. If you would like to be notified when these pages go live, or if you would like to be considered for the Talent Pool for contract work, email us with your contact information.

Thanks for visiting Fishead Studio.

We're now located in Newport Beach, California   714.309.7036



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